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We again kept nice and local for the Winter Ramble, yet it still provided some new experiences for some such as ringing anti-clockwise, ringing on twelve bells, long drafts and for some their first ever outing.


Our first tower was the anti-clockwise six at St Mary's Lowgate before moving onto Hull Minster here we managed to let everyone have a ring on twelve bells before finishing of there with some call changes on the twelve. Hessle was our next destination, where we managed a touch of Grandsire Triples. Cambridge Surprise Minor was achieved at our fourth of the the day, North Ferriby. Kirkella was our last tower, again we rang a touch of Grandsire Triples and then managed to ring the original six bells (19cwt) down in peal ending in perfect Queens.


Thank you to all the towers for openning up for us and a special thank you to Harold and Catherine of Hull Minsters and Wendy at Kirkella for providing us with  some much needed refreshments. 


Around twelve of us rounded of the day with a few drinks and a meal at Home Farm in Hessle.


Take a look in our Gallery Page for photographs from the Ramble.




On the afternoon of Sunday 6th October 2019 saw around 50 freinds, fellow ringers from around the region and locals all gathered together for the blessing of the bells to mark 100 years since their casting at John Taylors on 1st October 1919. Before the service we held some general ringing and following the service we had some lovely refreshments followed by more ringing and tower tours which proved to be very popular. Our thanks to the Rev'nd Barry Worsdale for taking the service and also John Bralant for playing the organ. Go into the Gallery for more pictures from this event.

ART MODULE 1 - 27/07/2019

Eight prospective ringing teachers undertook their ART Module 1 training course at the East Riding Ringing Centre on Saturday 27 July, under the direction of Gillian Hughes.

The course was terrific. I had a fair idea of what to expect having undertaken a course about four years ago, but failed to complete accreditation due to a dearth of learners.

In the four years, the course has developed significantly. We found the exercises to develop both logically and safely, giving the student confidence whilst quickly developing new skills. Yet throughout, there was a quiet calm and sense of purpose. It was a really well thought out course, with adequate hands on experience which left me with new ideas, confidence to be able to impart that knowledge and a real urge to pass on that knowledge to my students. I also found the emphasis on practical problem solving very useful - particularly how to recover a lost "dynamic" rope  safely

A great course, expertly delivered.

Chris Davies - Redgrave, Suffolk





On Thursday 6th June 2019 we rang a Quarter Peal to mark the 75th  aniversary of the D Day Landings and on Sunday 9th June 2019 we rang a further quarter peal for the Village Open Gardens, these two Quarter Peals contained three important firsts.


Chris Atkin - Middleton on the Wolds, first at first attempt


Vicky Herring - Beverley Minster, first at first attempt


James Goodwin - Elloughton, first as Conductor


On Tuesday 21st May 2019 we moved our practice to St Marys Elloughton, just for a change of scenery, it turned out to be a very usful evening with firsts in hunting on six, covering to a touch of PB Doubles, touches of Grandsire for the treble ringer and a first as conductor in a 120 of Grandsire all being achieved.


Thanking you to our Eloughton friend for allowing the use of their bells


MAY 2019:- A new access ladder has been installed within the belfry this providesus  with a better viewing platform and safer access down into the bells. The clock workings which are also under the bells have been boxed in to prevent them from being damaged.


On Tuesday 16th February 2019 home grown ringer Nick Ralph scored with first quarter peal at his first attempt when he rang the treble to Plain Bob Doubles.


We had a 100% hit rate in our quarter peal week with five being scored between the 12th & 19th April 2019 which included a first at first attempt for Nick Ralph and also what has now become a bit of a North Cave tradition in recent years that of a half muffled quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles on the Good Friday morning. 


Beverley and District Ringing Society
North Cave, East Riding of Yorkshire
All Saints
Thursday, 18 April 2019 in 7m (11–1–16 in G)
The tenor was tolled for 7 minutes at 7pm as a mark of solidarity with the people of France following the devastating fire at Notre Dame


30th December 2018 - Eastrington was the first tower of the afternoon for this annual event which saw the North Cave ringers being joined by fellow ringers, family and friends before moving onto Hemingbrough, Holme on Spalding Moor before finishing of at All Saints North Cave. The afternnon was then rounded off with a meal and a few drinks in the White Hart.


Take a look in the Gallery for more pictures from the 2018 Ramble


Saturday 24th November was a joint Quarter Peal day around the Nottingham area with ringers from All Saints North Cave and Hessle scoring 3 out of 4 attempts. Lovely ringing with good company, food and beer.


As part of their Armistice 100 coverage BBC Radio Humberside joned us last week for a pre-record that was used in the Sally Fairfax Afternoon Show, we were recorded ringing then asked a few questions about how Ringing Remembers was going to work around the towers in our area. Then further coverage with a live interview on Remembrance Day with Blair Jacobs, this was our chance to talk about the four year WW1 project at North Cave along with the Peal attempt that afternoon.

North Cave Village Link

Some nice support from the North Cave Village Link magazine.


On Sunday 16th September 2018 the North Cave band won the Beverley & District Ringing Society Striking Competition which this year was held at Middlton on the Wolds, the picture below is of the winning band just after they had received the Albert Sellers Memorial Cup.

Take a look in the Gallery for more pictures taken on the day.



Tuesday 9th October 2018. Due to work  and holiday's we were a little short on the ground, so six of us went and joined the Kirkella ringers at their practice. It was a good opportunity for a couple of ringers to put to good use what they had picked up from the Grandsire workshop the previuos week. It was a first for one of our younger ringers, Oliver, who handled the 72' ropes with great ease. 



29th September 2018 - We held a four hour Grandsire Workshop which was very well attended. It was a mixture of some theory work within the classroom mixed in with plenty of ringing, concentrating on the hunt bells, plain courses, touches along with a brief look at conducting.


Many thanks to the experienced Grandsire ringers who helped on the day.


On Sunday 16th September 2018 the North Cave band won the Beverley & District Ringing Society Striking Competition which this year was held at Middlton on the Wolds, the picture below is of the winning band just after they had received the Albert Sellers Memorial Cup.

Take a look in the Gallery for more pictures taken on the day.


On Tuesday 31st July 2018 we moved our practice over to Pocklington and had a joint evening them, both sets of ringers took full advantage of the healthy number in attendance with one or two firsts, it was also a chance for many just to have a good ring on eight bells. This is something we shall be doing again very soon, and what lovely bells they are too.


On Tuesday 17th July 2018 we were joined by the ringers from Beverley Minster, it was a very busy evening were we catered for all, bell handling, rounds, call changes, plain hunting, mixed doubles and Cambridge.


We had a steady flow of visitors for our Tower Tours on Sunday 15th July 2018 as part of the Village Gala 

Christian Aid Week

15th May 2018 

As part of Christian Aid week we held a Tower Open Day, around twenty people, mainly locals, took advantage of the event to see the clock as well as the bells, a ringing demonstration and the magnificent views from the roof of the tower.


£100 was raised in domations for Christain Aid

Four ringers from North Cave rang at Beverley Minster 03/05/2018 to mark the start of this years Tour de Yorkshire cycle race

Six ringers from North Cave helped out at the Society Plain Hunting evening at Nunburnholme 01/05/2018

Bob Doubles & Bob Minor Workshop

03/03/2018 we held a full day workshop on behalf of the Beverley & District Ringing Society. The morning was taken up with Bob Doubles, this was split between theory sessions held by Helen Audley within the classroom and then some hands on practical work up in the ringing chamber. 


The afternoon was used for Plain Bob Minor with many firsts being achieved.


In total we had twenty ringers who joined us throughout the day and from the positive feed back we recieved other such events will be arranged very soon.



One of our young ringers Oliver,  with his Learning the Ropes Level 1 Certificate.


B&D Striking Competition 2017

17th September 2017, we finish third in the Beverley & District Striking Competition ringing All Saints Doubles  at All Saints, Roos

YACR Meeting at North Cave 16/10/2017

16/09/2017: A very busy day when we looked after the Yorkshire Association. In the morning was their Striking Competition, six bands, finally won by Ripon Cathedral. During the afternoon we looked after the Yorkshire Tykes (young ringers) the ringing was then rounded off at North Cave with a 30 minute service ring pror to the Service. It was then off for tea at the Village Hall for a 70+ cover!!! and this was follwed by the YACR Business meeting. We also arranged for five other towers to be open to the Yorkshire members during the day/evening.

BBC Music Day

To mark the BBC Music Day on Thursday 15th June 2017 we held thirty minutes of general ringing from 7.00pm.


A Useful Evening

On Tuesday 13th June we moved our practice over to St Marys, Elloughton, with fourteen ringers in attendance it proved to be yet another busy couple of hours. The lighter bells certainly helped our younger ringers and also provided our new band at Middleton on the Wolds with some valuable experience.


Thanks go to our friends from Elloughton for allowing us the use of their bells.... again!


Tuesday 20th June 2017 -  Practice night back at North Cave



Libby Stafford & Kaziah Gibson-Matthews have both been presented with their Learning The Ropes Level 1 certificates, & Nick Ralph was also presented with the Level 2 certificate.



On the 19th April 2017 we moved our practice night over to Beverley Minster, we were also joined here by our new band from Middleton on the Wolds. For some it was an opportunity of ringing on eight and ten bells for the first time, a great experience for many.


A big thank you to Mike and the other Minster Ringers for provideing us with a very enjoyable evening.



We scored four out of four during our quarter peal week which started on Sunday 9th April 2017 with one in our series of 100 year to the day 1914-1918 and finished on Good Friday with a half muffled one of Grandsire Doubles. Thanks to all who took part and well done to Paul Beresford for his first at his first attempt.



To Harvey Plows who rang his first Quarter Peal of Surprice,  when he rang the third to Cambridge Minor at Caistor, Lincs. on 26/02/2017



Four North Cave ringers took part in a Quarter Peal to mark the 92nd Birthday of our good friend Ray Carey.


Holme on Spalding Moor, East Riding of Yorkshire
All Saints
Saturday, 25 February 2017 in 44 mins (6–3–10 in A)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Carolyn Bailey
2 Simon Plows
3 Ray Carey
4 Harvey O Plows (C)
5 William Lennox
6 Steve Clark
Rung to mark the 92nd birthday of Ray Carey who also rang the 3rd
First on the new ropes

WINTER RAMBLE 28th December 2016


For the fifth year, North Cave ringers and friends gathered between Christmas and New Year to blow the cob webbs away with a little bit of ringing. Due to a few of our new recruits joining us we kept loacl and 'light', starting off at Walkington before moving on to Elloughton and then North Ferriby. During the afternoon we were sucessful with Kent and Stedman to name but a few, while our new ringers managed a few tower grabs.


The afternoon/evening was rounded with Drinks, nibbles, snooker and games round at the Plows household.


Take a look in the Gallery for a few more photographs taken on the day




Early December 2016 we were the only tower within the area who managed to enter two bands into the BnD Annual Striking Competition at Elloughton. Team 1 rang Reverse Canterbury and Team 2 rang Call Changes. Between are two bands we had five ringers who had never taken part in a Striking Competition before.


With only a few hours to go changes had to made to the line up, but we still managed to put out a novice band and on top of that we went on to win the Derek Watson Memorial Trophy (above) for the highest placed 'Novice Band'.


Well done to both of our bands.


Take a look in the Gallery for a few more photographs taken on the day





The Ringing Centre has recently installed a full set of new ropes (Mendip Ropemakers Ltd) at HoSM, go to the Gallery Page for a couple of additional pictures






On Tuesday 25th October, we moved our practice night over to St Marys, Elloughton, the main aim for doing this was to give our group of young ringers the valuable experience of ringing at a different tower, while also making use of the lighter bells. Twelve North Cave ringers attended the practice along with one of our regular visitors.


It was a great success, with some ringers handling their bell fully for the first time, along with two others having their first attempt at rounds, and one other having some very good sessions of rounds and call changes. The Service band concentrated on Oxford TB.


A big thank you to our friends at Elloughton for allowing us the use of their bells.

11th SEPTEMBER 2016
Thanks to all who were available to help out, a great success.  We had around 35 people who signed the visitors book, so I would say that we had over forty visitors who joined us throughout the afternoon.
We have taken about 5 requests from people who would like to join us on a practice night and have a go, they all seem to be about 16 years old or younger, but also with very keen and interested parents, we will just have to wait and see what happens over the coming weeks, but I have arranged to meet a couple on Tuesday (13/09/16) evening at 7.00pm, again, see we will have to see what happens, but they all did approach me first, so fingers crossed.
At the very least and even without any potential new recruits, it was a public relations success.  I would say 90% of our visitors came from the village, and all saying good things about hearing the bells ring, "must be Tuesday, the bells are ringing" was a common statement.
£38 of tower donations taken on the day.

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