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The East Riding Ringing Centre & ART Hub at North Cave will be running a Bob Minor workshop on Saturday 18th January 2020 from 09:30 to 12:30, should you be interested in joining us could you please contact Simon Plows at by 11th January 2020 to book your place.
Other events planned at the Ringing Centre are:
8th February 2020: 09:30 - 12:30 Doubles workshop
15th February 2020: Handbell introduction workshop run by Peter Church
29th February 2020: Bell handling & teaching bell handling workshop
Surprise Minor Workshop: March 2020 final date TBC

Doubles Practice - 09/11/2019

We had around 18 ringers join us for our three hour doubles practice and we provided plenty of opportunities for inside ringing, touches, treble work and covering which also included some very notable firsts. It was good to see some different faces and some of them even left with smiles on them.

ART Module 2F - 02/11/2019

Another full day of training on the simulator with ringers from all over Yorkshire gathering for the Module 2F workshop. Tutor, Neil Donovan expertly guided everyone through some foundatin skills - how to teach call changes, an exploration of kaleidoscope ringing, and different ways to introduce covering and plain hunt. Theory sessions included the development of coaching skills.

ART Module 1 - 27/07/2019

Eight prospective ringing teachers undertook their ART Module 1 training course at the East Riding Ringing Centre on Saturday 27 July, under the direction of Gillian Hughes.

The course was terrific. I had a fair idea of what to expect having undertaken a course about four years ago, but failed to complete accreditation due to a dearth of learners.

In the four years, the course has developed significantly. We found the exercises to develop both logically and safely, giving the student confidence whilst quickly developing new skills. Yet throughout, there was a quiet calm and sense of purpose. It was a really well thought out course, with adequate hands on experience which left me with new ideas, confidence to be able to impart that knowledge and a real urge to pass on that knowledge to my students. I also found the emphasis on practical problem solving very useful - particularly how to recover a lost "dynamic" rope  safely

A great course, expertly delivered.

Chris Davies - Redgrave, Suffolk



Bell Handling Workshop

27th April 2019: A full day of bell handling, this was the first time we had helding this kind of an event, the idea was to provide plenty of rope time but on a drop in basis. It proved to be very sucessful with around Thirty ringers joining us on the day. 


For some ringers it was only their second time on a bell rope, we also gave time to ringers who wanted to teach new recruits.


A second such event is planned for 25th November 2019.

Grandsire Doubles Workshop

29th September 2018 - We held a four hour Grandsire Workshop which was very well attended. It was a mixture of some theory work within the classroom mixed in with plenty of ringing, concentrating on the hunt bells, plain courses, touches along with a brief look at conducting.


Many thanks to the experienced Grandsire ringers who helped on the day.


     Plain Bob Doubles &                Minor Workshop

03/03/2018 we held a full day workshop on behalf of the Beverley & District Ringing Society. The morning was taken up with Bob Doubles, this was split between theory sessions held by Helen Audley within the classroom and then some hands on practical work up in the ringing chamber. 


The afternoon was used for Plain Bob Minor with many firsts being achieved.


In total we had twenty ringers who joined us throughout the day and from the positive feed back we recieved other such events will be arranged very soon.

Module 2C Course, East Riding Ringing Centre, North Cave


Saturday 4 March 2017


Seven students – three as mentors and four as students - between the ages of 17 and considerably more than 17 from six different towers, met at North Cave for the Module 2C course on Saturday 4 March.  We were welcomed with tea and coffee into the warm teaching room at the base of the tower.


Our tutor, Heather Peachey, assisted by Graham Nabb who had made a long journey north that morning to join us, led an excellent mix of theory and practical sessions.  In the theory sessions we were reminded of the importance of good foundation skills, encouraged to develop our coaching skills, taught how to run effective practices and maintain enthusiasm and team spirit among our ringers.  There was much discussion with everyone able to contribute examples from their own ringing and teaching experiences.


Up in the tower, we made full use of the simulator at North Cave to reinforce the theory sessions and try out different exercises to help learners build their skills and develop their confidence.  The atmosphere was relaxed with much laughter, but everyone on the course came away with new insights, no matter how long they had been ringing and teaching ringing. 


I think it is true to say that we all left with renewed enthusiasm and looking forward to putting our learnings into practice.


Thank you to Heather and Graham for leading an excellent course and to Simon and the North Cave ringers for providing excellent facilities, a tasty lunch and endless cups of tea and coffee.



Rosina Baxter

All Saints




On Saturday 18th February the East Riding Ring Centre at North Cave held a Bob Double Workshop, and following just one email out to towers informing of the event, we were fully booked!!

So with twelve booked onto the workshop representing ten different towers and seven more experienced ringers helping out we were all set for six hours of pretty much continuous ringing, with one or two stops for refreshments and lunch.

The main idea of the day was to provide ringers with valuable time on the end of a rope but with a strong band around them and a helping hand stood behind them if required.

During the day we addressed plain courses & touches for the treble and inside bells, along with covering. Progress was made by all, even if it was just by having a little more confidence. A few firsts were also achieved along with two or three ringers moving steadily towards Quarter Peal attempts.

My thanks to all that helped out on the day, without them the workshop would have been a none starter!

Further workshops are being planned for the ERRC this year along with a confirmed Module 2C full day course on the 4th March.

Handbell Workshop 22nd October 2016


East Yorkshire Handbells Day, Saturday 22nd October, 2016.


Some fifteen ringers converged on All Saints Church, North Cave for the first handbells day in the area.  Some were new to double handed change ringing, some were “old hands”, all enjoyed meeting and sharing their knowledge and experience. 

All Saints Church, North Cave is the East Riding Ringing Centre.  The foot of the tower is an ideal, closed off space where the group met as a whole to work through the theory of how to ring a pair of bells as a unit and with a single thought for each  change row.  And for the practical side, the kitchen and the ringing chamber gave us three separated ringing locations.

Some people were handling handbells for the first time so the gentle introduction of Rounds and Call changes was needed.  However, the main focus of the day was  Plain Hunting and Plain Bob Minor, with excursions into touches and into Plain Bob Major.  There were enough capable people to have a shot at a course of Cambridge Surprise Minor, but time defeated us on this occasion.

Within three hours of starting, our major objective of getting each “learner” up one step in their double handed ringing ability had been achieved.

Chris Munday brought along a laptop running Abel and Handbell Manager and a number of people had a shot at ringing two simulated bells. 

There are many ingredients that make for success and enjoyment, but the support of the experienced ringers, Chris Munday, Heather and Barry Peachey, James Blackburn, Chris Church and Lesley Davies, together with the warm welcome and endless cups of coffee provided by Simon Plows and the North Cave Team, were major contributions to the day. 

And in the future?  Certainly we will set up another handbells day early in the new year.  In the meantime we will also set up sufficient practice time to preserve the learning gains that have been made. 

Peter Church

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